Your Business vs. Data Pirates!

Keeping your data safe is what keeps you in business! Clients and employees alike depend on being able to access secured data and should have the ability to rest knowing that their private files and personal information are inaccessible to hackers and those who wish to sell and use their data against their own wishes. As the business owner, you are the face and head of the company. People look to you for guidance. Therefore, it is your responsibility to hire the right people and implement the proper, well-researched tools and software to maintain top of the line cybersecurity. 

Why is cybersecurity so important these days? It all spans from a massive increase in technology. As new advancements grew unchecked, a rise in cybercrime grew with it. Hackers found new and endless ways to tap into crucial information and reap the rewards. The number of young, capable hackers, who often work together to crack even the most complex and regulated systems, are constantly rising. As one group or individual gets caught, another crops up and the cycle continues. While this is a frightening concept for businesses, there are steps that can be taken to protect your company and client information. First, you need to establish if your business is a likely target and weigh your options. Even if your data may not seem appealing to a hacker, taking basic measures to protect your information is a must for everyone.  Cybercrime is a part of daily life – companies and individuals are being targeted and stolen from every second. Knowing this, it is surprising that many companies do not have the proper cybersecurity techniques in place, or do not know anything about the rise of this type of crime. Remember, anyone can be a target.

As we stated before, all businesses should invest in some form of cyber protection. However, it is important to know which industries are more likely to be targets. Any business that compiles, utilizes, and stores sensitive data (personal information, financial records, payment details) should take lengthy measures to encrypt this data. CPA firms, law firms, travel agencies, ecommerce sites, banks and financial advisors, and healthcare companies are among the industries with the most sensitive data. A breach of this information could endanger clients, not to mention cost the company millions in potential lawsuits. For instance, the 2018 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report found that many companies overestimate the effectiveness of their current cybersecurity implementations, and 73% are unprepared for a potential data breach!

At this point, I’m going to remind you
not to panic. There are measures your company can take to fight against this threat. There are companies and individuals who can reformulate a company’s security parameters and ensure the safety of their information. New developments in online security are being made every day, and hackers are progressing alongside these advancements as well. Therefore, it is important to keep up with modern tech solutions and have a “go-to” team of security professionals, whether they are direct employees or outsourced. In the battle against data pirates, companies need to put their heads together and implement proper solutions across the board.