Digital Signage

Our brains love digital information – they process virtual, moving images 60,000x quicker than static text-based imagery. This is why digital signage both in the workplace and in the consumer sphere works for almost every company out there. Internally it boosts company morale, efficiency, and workplace safety while also providing a digital “community” for your employees.

When used to market a company’s products and services, digital displays and signs have been proven to capture an audience’s attention in a unique way due to their potentially large size and influential locations. New software is constantly being developed to improve both the user and consumer experience, so the possibilities are continuing to grow and change. Most companies have already made the switch to digital content – social media marketing, search engine optimization and advertising, but many are still unaware that digital signage, or what used to be referred to as “digital billboard advertising” can provide them with boundless opportunities to grow different sectors of their business.

So, what differentiates digital signage from an everyday billboard? The biggest differences are ease and variety. Digital signs can be updated from almost any computer or device in any location through a wireless connection! Regular static billboards constantly need to be updated manually which takes manpower and time. Digital signs require specialized set up, but only need to be erected once! Once they are connected virtually, they are good to go!

A marketing agency can run a multitude of ads on one screen in an ever-changing loop, or continuously update advertisements to reflect a company’s deals or highlighted products and services. This saves precious time, funds, and helps get more than one business screen time! When it comes to digital signs, there is also the advantage of variable screen sizes. Most LED screens can be converted into a sign when hooked up to a particular media player and can then showcase whatever pictures, videos, or advertisements the user desires.

These signs are not just for outside advertising. When implemented inside an office or employment setting, digital signage can be geared towards enriching the employee experience. For example, it might be relevant to play rotating safety reminders and videos for workers depending on their position. Static safety posters can get worn down over time, and safety training videos that employees viewed on their first day of work are usually long forgotten. By using eye catching digital signs to keep safety in the forefront, you will potentially reduce workplace accidents. Additionally, there are more interactive ways to connect with employees through these signs. You can conduct employee surveys and showcase the results or highlight quotes or tips from workers themselves to boost productivity, conversation, and interaction within different departments. Remember, having a great creative team at the forefront of both your internal and external marketing/signage efforts is key to experiencing growth and results. Believe it or not, this industry is still in its infancy and now is the time to take the leap!